Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another delay, but will use this time to accomplish my to-do lists.

Due to office changes or some such baloney, they're holding off approvals until the NEXT committee meeting.  If you read a previous blog, you'll see we already have been put in front of the committee last month, but I guess since clearances and classes continued into this month, we have to be reviewed AGAIN.  This is so stressful.  So I have to busy myself for 2 more weeks with stress and worry that for some reason they won't like us or something in our past, our home, our jobs, our schedule, our relationship, our dog, our religion, our lifestyle, ANYTHING could just make them deny us.

Inside it's very painful for me and I'm so super emotional right now.  I want to yell from the rooftops to friends and family that we're going to have a family, but I'm afraid of telling anyone that doesn't already know.  Part of it is superstition....silly, I know, but what if we are denied, then we have to be embarrassed by telling all those people-nevermind, we're not good enough and we weren't approved.

So, I need to keep myself busy for the next two weeks (well, one and a half weeks now.  We were told this a few days ago, but I was too sad to blog about it, but I decided to blog anyway because I wanted accurate and honest records of this process.)  So here are my lists of to-do's to help keep me busy, get things accomplished and keep me from losing my sanity.


-Back porch (mostly all for hubby to deal with, not much I can do.)  *DONE
-Clean out spare bedroom closet  *DONE
-Deep clean spare bedroom  *DONE
-Remove ceiling fan and replace with ceiling light (in case we have bunkbeds) *DONE
-Bunkbed planning (we're considering building our own so we can customize it)
        This includes discussing details of what we want,
        measure, price wood, price mattresses and price
        actual bunkbeds in case it'll be cheaper/easier to
        just buy one.
-Organize binder with forms we'll need, there are several websites that give good tips for this, I listed them in my blog here.  *DONE


-Fix kitchen chair (the legs are loose, they need to be re-glued.  *DONE
-Get rid of broken garbage disposal and replace pipe *DONE
-Replace kitchen ceiling light (was a ceiling fan with light, but the fan doesn't work right) *purchased light, didn't replace yet.
-Clean and clean out both vehicles
-Tear down old shed (we have a new shed out back, but there's an old one that basically needs to be just torn down, nothing important is inside and the roof is falling apart on it.  My "plan" is to tear it down and have a nice patio sitting area in that space.  According to dh, he said it's a "weekend  job", he'll get a few friends and they can do it quickly.  The jury's out on whether I believe it's that quick of a job, but this job will wait until everything on priority 1 list is done at least.
-Make freezer meals to have quick meals on hand *Ongoing
-Defrost chest freezer.  I'm not sure how/when we can do this.  The freezer's pretty full and I don't know where we'd go with the stuff in it.  This might get demoted to a lower priority list just because it'll be a while until it's empty enough to do.


-Scrapbook (I'm over a year behind!  ugh!)
-Organize the upstairs offices *Ongoing  I have accepted we'll NEVER have the upstairs offices clean/organized enough for  My office, maybe, but my husband's will never meet my expectations.

So I have lots to keep me busy I guess, but it doesn't seem to be taking away any worry........

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